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  •  Small Business Website Design

Small Business Websites

  Zehlm Web Development, LLC can build a one page responsive website as low as $160.00! Professional Web Design for Business or Personal. Basic Search Engine Optimization - (SEO) and code validations in every website package. Graphics, Images, and logo design manipulations. Company and other business image branding to assist in the promotion of your business.

  We can build custom web forms to fit your needs: surveys, contact forms, and questionaires. Photo Galleries, Downloads, Uploads, portfolios and more to give customers perspective of your business. Call now buttons programmed directly in your page code, so customers can call you immediately while viewing your website on their capable mobile device.

  We also produce creative writing in articles and excurpts in your website pages, to assist in search engine placement and make it easier for viewers or potential customers to find your business. Keyword density formulas are applied to determine a superior balance of use throughout your website articles.

  Professional website designs are different from using automated visual editors. A professional website has validated code. A SEO structure score has been applied for completed tasks to the webpage. In today's internet, professional website design is configured and responsive for any devices screen resolution.

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Web Design Services

Custom Websites vs. Auto Editor

  Websites usually are a misconception to the normal viewers. Just like computer software, or phone firmware, there is a lot of programming code you don't see going on in the hidden background. Usually three internet programming languages work hand in hand to make the magic happen: html, css, and javascript. There are many others, but these are the most accepted and used.

  Lately, more so than ever, automated visual editors are being provided by numerous companies to make it easier on someone wanting to design their own website and some of the design layouts look really good; However, there is a lot missing or is not progmatically correct. Always, the code underneath that you don't see is not validated and the website is not optimized for better ranking in search results.

  Automated editors may make great looking websites most of the time, but if there are too many errors in the code and it has not been optimized, the webpage may not show up in search results pages or may be many search pages from the first page and then no one is going to see it. Other issues with automated click and paste website builders is they use too many javascript and css library files. All the extra code that is not actually being used takes away from website load speed and diminishes the SEO score.

  Here, at Zehlm Web Development, LLC, we include code validation and basic Search Engine Optimization - (SEO) in every website package. These services are essential for the design of professional web pages and how the websites are indexed by search engines. Zehlm also uses new generation image formats, optimizations, and compression to give maximum performance for your images and photos.


Validating Website Code

  A website can be written in many different code languages. The traditional languages used are html, css, javascript and php. Some websites are written in C#, Ruby, Java, and even Python. Most of the time the code or programming language used depends on what type of website project an individual or business needs. Some code is more suitable in specific instances than others. With any website code language the task of validating that code is necessary. Just because the code is performing what it was designed to do doesn't always mean that the syntax is following the rules. Using validated code will contribute to SEO, website load speeds, and the algorithm the website produces. To learn more, [See: w3c Validation Service]

What Zehlm can provide for you...

Web Design Code
  • Code discernment for your website
  • Using code validators prior to SEO
  • Modern code practices and versions
  • Strategic security precaution coding
  • Serving static website structure assets
  • htaccess and server administrations
  • Debugging custom programming


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