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Optimizing your Website for Search Engines
  •  Code Validation through W3C
  •  htaccess Server Administration
  •  Optimal Title and Description
  •  Proper Meta Tags
  •  Backlinks to your Website
  •  New Generation Image Files
  •  Mobile Website Load Speed
  •  Webpage Number of Words
  •  Adequate Header Titles

Following SEO Guidelines

  There is a lot more knowledge that goes into search engine optimization - (SEO) than most viewers know. A list of tasks are required to achieve a 100% SEO score. In fact the majority of websites that even administer SEO guidelines, only score between 50% and 75%. This means that if SEO is properly administered upon your website you may very well succeed in surpassing other websites you will be similarly listed in search engine placement with.

  One of the main factors of optimization is writing creative articles and having an adequate amount of words on your webpage. Meta keywords are an obsolete commodity for Google's new algorithm, but don't omit them from your meta tags, because other search engine companies still use them at this time. These creative articles that are written into your webpage is where web crawlers check to verify that your meta keywords are not frivilous.

  We can assist you in applying professional SEO administration to your website and improve your search placement results. Call us today or submit your contact information on our form.

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Zehlm® Web Development, LLC
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Higher Score, Better Rank

SEO Score

Achieving Better Website Search

  Reguardless of what SEO program you use, you can not receive professional results in a few minutes, or any results for that matter. Webpage optimizing for search engines, requires some thought and analysis of other simularily placed website's SEO scores. Two of the main factors in general are the webpage title and meta description. Only so many characters are allowed in each. This is the most important part of your page interpretation to search engines and viewers. Strategic analysis needs to be administered to obtain great results with your website title and description.

  Another factor in the determination of the wording in your title and description is the number that is displayed in your browser when you type a certain word or phrase into search. Most browsers display this number somewhere at the top above search results and is usually shown on a computers browser. You can also see this on a mobile device by switching to "desktop mode".

  This number is important in that is basically tells you how many websites are displayed in search results under the word or phrase you entered. The higher the number, the more people are looking at your site, "if your website is in the first three websites listed". Sometimes viewers keep looking if they have the time, or if they are not finding exactly what they are looking for.


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