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Welcome to Zehlm
Professional Website Design Company

Websites as low as $160.00! Zehlm can design your new website from beginning to end, or edit, repair, and develop an existing website. Uploads, downloads, forms, videos, photo galleries, membership logins, online sales, sql database engineering, and content management systems. Blog posting systems and newsletter managing admin panels. Quality and affordable web design services, internet marketing, professional SEO services, and more. Logo, graphic design, image manipulations, and professional color themes. We index with Google and Bing, perform basic SEO, and validate all code through w3c in all website packages, standard. Zehlm Web Development, LLC provides web design services for small business and is a Professional Web Design Agency located in Morganton, North Carolina. Free Online Consultation.

About Zehlm

Zehlm®   Zehlm Web Development was created in 2005. The desire to help those needing websites became a reality after watching many individuals and businesses struggle to afford and design their own website. Over the years web development and web design services prices have diminished drastically. Ecommerce fees and costs for retailing products online can accumulate. Zehlm has developed alternatives that will cut your costs and still give quality and security.

  Zehlm can design your custom website from start to finish, or a template you purchase can be customized for your needs. Existing websites can be edited, redesigned, modified, or redeveloped. The websites are designed with several internet programming languages, including, but not limited to: xhtml, html, css, javascript, php, ajax, and json scripts.

  Whether you need a family website to share photos and videos for personal needs or a professional website for your business, Zehlm can help you make it a reality. We can design custom forms that will send the information directly to your email. A phone call can be made directly from your webpage. Zehlm can design online ecommerce websites to assist in the sales of your products. Custom login and shopping cart interfaces programmed to meet your goals.

  Have a business where your employees need information or software tools? Zehlm can program websites that allows your employees online access through user name and password verification for software, apps, installation manuals, electrical diagrams and much more! Maybe associates need to upload information to your office servers or mobile devices. We can assist with this too. It is possible to print off forms or receipts directly from your website for your customers. These basic tasks are available and can be custom programmed to meet your needs. Zehlm Website Design Services Morganton, NC.

Web Designer

  Zehlm Web Development has an office in downtown Morganton, NC. We have internet programmers globally. Everyone that programs for Zehlm is qualified to perform the task and comply to the clients website needs. We ensure you receive the service purchased. Zehlm pricing is lower than other competitors and our quality is higher. The Owner and Internet Programmer is located in Morganton, North Carolina. To Learn more, visit us on social media.

Online Services

  Zehlm Web Development, LLC can remotely custom program a professional website for you or your company at a price that is unbelievably affordable. Remote coding services directly to your website and hosting console. We can administer our services almost anywhere on the planet right here from Morganton, North Carolina - USA. Contact us today for a free online quote. You are going to love your new website!

Design Agency

  Business Website Design for your Company. Zehlm Web Development offers the best prices for the content, design, and marketing services you receive. Basic search engine optimization, site indexing, and code validation in all website design packages!

  Custom website design gives a refinement in quality that automated editors doesn't give. Most online free website editors only allow you to design so much for free before you have to pay. Unfortunately, the more you want to do with your website, the more you end up paying. Here at Zehlm, we can give you the website design service you want at an unbeliveably affordable price.

Editing and Maintenance

  Zehlm Web Development can make quick edits to your website pages and server files. Whether it is a task of updating images or meta tag modifications, we can help you get the changes made. Website editing and maintenance as low as $25.00!

Professional Websites

  What is the difference between automated web design programs and professional grade website design? This is a good question. We get asked this all the time. Basically, when you use a free or paid editor to make a website, these design tools may give you a professional looking website, but underneath the hard truth is: the code has errors, meta tags are not optimized, and files have not been compressed. These mistakes can cause search engine optimization - (SEO) issues, slower load times, and low search rankings.

  Even when you pay for service with some web companies their code has errors and warnings too. Here at Zehlm Web Development, every website package comes with mandantory code validation, search engine optimization, and basic indexing.

Service Areas

   Zehlm Web Development can provide web design services worldwide. Translations can be determined to administer and program your custom website in almost any language. Our services are available to clients throughout the entire United States and other countries.
  Local focus is based in Western North Carolina where our priority web design services scope is offered to the following areas: Morganton, Marion, Lenoir, Hickory, Newland, Boone, Blowing Rock, Granite Falls, Hudson, and all other surrounding locations.

Custom Web Development

  Custom coding is always more controlled and directional than developing websites by click and paste editing software. The customizations are extremely flexible when they are custom coded and changes can be made that are not offered in auto editing software. Zehlm Web Development, LLC can custom program a website tailored for you or your business at a fraction of what it costs through larger companies.

Business Website Services

Cost Effective Websites  Affordable

  Our Website Company in Morganton, NC is extremely affordable for today's economy. Custom quality internet programming to meet your needs. Zehlm accepts payoneer, cash app, zelle, paypal, debit cards, credit cards, and more upon approval. Payment expected at time of service. Remote technologies allow complete transactions to occur online. All sales are final. We do not accept checks. Cash is accepted. Credit lines are not available. [ See: Zehlm PRIVACY POLICY NOTICE ]

Adjusting Screen Sizes  Responsive

  Responsive designs that are viewable across all devices. Whether on a smartphone, desktop computer, or a tablet, websites are programmed to view appropriately across any screen size. Cascade Style Sheets - (css) and Bootstrap makes websites more responsive to today's devices.
  Several programming languages that are responsive with themselves, detect and adapt to multiple screen resolutions, simultaneously, which gives ultimate viewability.

Custom Website Code  Quality Coding

  Our websites, edits, and documents are custom programmed using xhtml, html, css, javascript, bootstrap, php, ruby on rails, ajax, and much more. Custom website design to meet your business or personal needs. We validate our pages and other code files. Research is performed to determine what search categories your website is related to. Basic indexing and website submission will be performed upon completion and validation of your website code.

Professional Web Design Service

  Zehlm includes basic search engine optimization - (SEO), code validation, and indexing with Google and Bing in every website package. We can develop a professional website for you or your business at a price that is unbelievably affordable. Our web designers can custom program a website on any level you want to take it to.

  Contact us today for a Free Online Consultation.

  You're going to love your new website!

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Professional Website Design Service

SQL Database Integrations

Ecommerce and Login Systems


  Database security, flexability, and control. Databases can be used to administer and configure information for ecommerce, user login systems, content management, SEO, data analytics, and much more.

  Zehlm can administer and configure your website databases and take your website to a new level of data management.

Website Services Provider

  We can customize a strategic website plan for you or your company so you can achieve your goals. Through various plans and services, Zehlm Web Development, LLC a North Carolina based web design company, can build a website and custom tailor every level of your page designs. The results we can create through our services for your web pages, can be something you and your customers will enjoy using and will provide a connectable bridge between your service or product and what your viewers are looking for.

What Zehlm can provide for you...

Company Website Design
  • Responsive and mobile friendly website
  • Custom programmed and styled websites
  • Search Engine Optimized Pages
  • Database integration configurations
  • Smooth ecommerce sales functions
  • Content Management System - (CMS)
  • Hosting provider console configurations

Company Site Development

  Custom programmed web design that captures your brand and molds to your business and customers needs. Colors, themes, font types, website structure appearances, backgrounds, and images. Zehlm Web Development can can give you a professional web page display that you can use to promote your company, broaden your online presence or we can re-create a new and fresh perspective to lead you to success. Through analytics, backlinks, organic and AI SEO techniques, digital online marketing strategies, and with quality website programming our team of coders can develop a website that meets global standards for you or your small business.

  • Customized websites and detailed layouts
  • Business, product, and service branding
  • Professional themes, color schemes, and graphics
  • Modern (PWA) Progressive Web App architecture
  • Powerful analytic data integration
  • Admin control panels and login systems
Data Analytics

Responsive Design

  Our webside designs are responsive and mobile friendly. The site is coded through [css] - cascade style sheets, bootstrap or other languages that give specific instructions to servers and other devices. This code will control the layout within the screen resolution allowing your website to give semetrical viewability on all devices, especially mobile phones, which have become a necessity in today's world. Google's standards enforce mobile usability and responsive technology. Responsive or fluid websites will display properly on computers, tablets, mobile phones, and many other devices.

Responsive Web Design
  • Our websites display on all devices
  • TV, tablet, phone, laptop, and others
  • Website changes for optimized viewability
  • Fluid flexability across different screens
  • Site will adapt to landscape or portrait
  • Most older devices and newer devices
  • AMP mobile sites are available upon plan

[CMS] Content Management Systems

  Zehlm Web Development, can strategically engineer and design a content management system for easy login and administration of the content, where applicable, within your website. Also known as Admin control dashboard, access can be programmed to allow you to add, edit, and delete some content or users, and manage with data analytics in some cases. Images, articles, colors, photos, social media links, and some scripts can also be edited with normal computer use type actions. A CMS editor can be added to some websites, depending on which plan you purchase.

Features controlled by a CMS system..

  • Add, edit, and delete your website content
  • Manage users, images, articles, and more
  • Products being sold by ecommerce system
  • Flat rate shipping costs, taxes, or coupon codes
  • Change logos, images, articles, favicons or pages
  • Inventory, data analysis, Admin functionalities
  • Must purchase a plan that offers CMS editing

Ecommerce Online Sales Solutions

  Whether you need a custom ecommerce store programmed from scratch or a shopping cart digital download website, Zehlm Web Development LLC can create a solution for you or your business at an unbelievable price. Customized admin control panel for analytics or a CMS - content management system can be programmed on some websites and plans that will allow you to create, edit, and delete your own content. Add your products, change pricing, details, and much more. We can offer several different payment processing gateway providers and shipping companies, which allows us to create a customized solution for you.

  • Multiple programming language options
  • Variety of hosting options available
  • Several payment processing gateways
  • Custom CMS editor and Admin control panel
  • SSL security encryption for your website
  • Different shipping providers may be available
  • PWA and app capability grade website design

Search Engine Optimitzation [SEO]

  Search engines crawl content within websites throughout the internet. SEO, (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that requires websites to conform to rules and guidelines. Many criteria work together from your website as a team, that produce factors search engines calculate for ranking your website above or below other sites that have also been examined by crawling. We perform basic search engine optimization tatics on all websites we design. Several levels of SEO can be administered to help your website achieve great search engine placement and higher rankings. Onpage organic or AI factors and off page strategies such as backlinks from high DA authority websites, data analytics, and performance server technologies. Zehlm Web Development can optimize your website and greatly increase your online visibility.

Some important SEO factors..

  • Title, description, and meta tag attributes
  • Optimized and compressed images or photos
  • Header tags and article word counts
  • Internal links, external links, and backlinks
  • Overall website load speed and mobile optimization
  • Code structure, validation, and versions
  • Server administration configurations

Quick Package Deals

Responsive Basic Site

  • One Professional Webpage
  • Contact Submit Form
  • Image Manipulations
  • Included Logo and Graphics
  • Responsive Layout and Design
  • htaccess Configuration
  • All code Validated with w3c
  • Basic Keyword Research
  • Basic SEO Application
  • Google and Bing Indexing
  • For Business or Personal

Website Only: $160.00

(828) 475-3606

  * Domain name and hosting separate, or have your own domain name and hosting plan. We will assist you with the link to search for domain names and purchase the hosting services you need.

  * Other plans are available or a customized plan can be configured.

Internet Marketing Package

  • Listings with (10) Providers
  • Creative Article Writing
  • Image Manipulations
  • Included Logo and Graphics
  • Pro Keyword Strategies
  • Posts Where Applicable
  • Image Branding in Listings
  • Listing Search Submissions
  • Strategic Post Structure
  • Uniform Content from Website
  • Monthly Update "OPTION"

Email or Call for Pricing

Call Office

  * Main effective business listing providers or social media accounts. We will need management access to business listing accounts you have created prior to our administration so we can update, if applicable.

  * Other plans are available or a customized plan can be configured.

Ecommerce Online Sales

  • Responsive Webpages
  • Contact Submit Form
  • Photo Gallery or Slider
  • Content Management System
  • Multiple Shipping Options
  • Pro htaccess Configuration
  • Newsletter/Subscriber System
  • (PWA) Progressive Web App
  • Secure Shopping Cart System
  • Google and Bing Indexing
  • Optional Gateway Providers

Call or Email for Prices

Call Now

  * Must purchase domain name and hosting separately, or have your own domain name and hosting plan. We will assist you with the link to search for domain names and purchase the hosting services you need.

  * For Superior results we recommend our hosting provider and we have a link.

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