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Services for Digital Marketing and Branding
  •  Creating Ad Layouts for Listings
  •  Logo and Business Branding
  •  Relevant Written Articles
  •  Account Setup and Category
  •  Business Information Compilation
  •  Website Enhancement Listings
  •  Business Listing Accuracy
  •  Backlinking to your Website
  •  Relevant Keywords and Phrases

Online Business Marketing

  Website design is an excellent start to "getting the word out" about your business. There is also Digital Marketing, which can even further the amplification of information to potential customers. Generation of information is best administered in the "More is Better" senario when producing leads for your business. Basically, the more listings you post with different providers it will produce more leads for business and potential customers. The more listings you have, the more viewers will find you on the internet and may turn into clients.

  Free listings and paid versions are offered all over the internet for you to list your business. Some are better than others, this is for sure. One thing for certain, is whether you use the free version or the paid plans offered by these providers you need great posts, images, and articles to produce the effects to lure in customers and with honesty. The services you provide go hand in hand with the images and creative written articles you use to represent your business.

  Zehlm® Web Development can produce professional listings for your business.

Online Marketing Professionals

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Professional Ad Layouts

Business Branding

Business Branding in Digital Marketing

  Well, branding your business is a very important task when creating a business. For example, lets take a look at Microsoft®. Doesn't matter if their logo is big or small. Abstract or precise. There is not many individuals on the planet that don't know who that colored window icon belongs to. This is the most important memory tactic used to correlate a business with a name and brand that business into the mind of consumers using their services. This is what all businesses must try to accomplish for the visual relation to their services. Don't misunderstand. You can have all of the perfect websites and graphics on the planet and if the service you perform is terrible, those great images may be worthless.

  Another aspect of business branding is developing a catchy phrase or slogan. Sometimes the human mind remembers words better than images, so using a logo and a slogan can give a consumer even more reasons to remember who you are.

  Articles and excurpts you write about your business must be crafty and legitimate to give perspective to potential customers who are looking for your services. You can trust, that with the right combination of factors, someone is looking and will find your business online. Here at Zehlm® Web Development, we can assist you with your business listing branding and digital marketing needs.


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